Unit 1B, Feltrim Business Park, Swords, Co Dublin.


Do you supply tile samples?

Yes, drop by our showroom and we can show you a wide selection odf tiles. We can give you some samples for you to take to view in your home.

If I supply measurements can you calculate the tile area for me?

Yes, contact us via phone, live chat or email and we will be able to assist you with your calculations.

Are the tile sizes correct?

The sizes that are stated are the sizes that the goods are manufactured to - they are nominal sizes. This means that due to the manufacturing process and nature of tiles, the exact sizes cannot be manufactured consistently and that different batches of the same tile can vary in size, as much as 2mm, which is a widely accepted tolerance within the industry.

I have decided to tile another area and need to order more...

This is not a problem but we would highly recommend that any additional orders refer to the original batch / tile ID numbers, so that we can match them for you. This is due to the fact that different batches can produce different shades / sizes.

How can I contact you?

You can call us direct on 01 840 8735.

Do you have a showroom and if so, can I collect?

We have Showrooms in Feltrim Business Park, Sowrds. Please view our contact us page for location, directions and opening times.

Can I tile onto a wooden floor?

This is not a problem but the floor should be overlaid with a Marmox type boarding or an alternative product and a flexible adhesive and grout are to be used. Our expert in-house advisors are more than happy to help you with your order.

What are Porcelain tiles?

These tiles are manufactured from extremely pure materials and are fired at a very high temperature, which gives a fully vitrified body. A typical porcelain tile is made from 50% Feldspar, 30-40% white clay, up to 15% Kaolin and up to 15% quartz and other fusible materials. The result is a dense, strong tile with a superior performance compared to normal ceramic tiles, including durability, abrasion, frost and chemical resistance and virtually impervious to water.

How do you cut large / thick items, like Porcelain / Granite / Marble tiles?

These products need to be cut with a suitable wet wheel cutter and diamond sawn blade. Please visit our extensive range of Tiling Tools, to view the vast range of products that we have available.


Please feel free to contact us at any stage.